Leyli Rashidi Rauf

Born in 1986 – Tehran.
(2004) Diploma in Painting. Modarres Art School
(2010) B.A in painting . Shahed Art University
(2022-2023) Student of ArtEZ University in International Master Artist Educator.


Honorary member of the Iranian Painters Association.

Teaching experience

Part time drawing teacher in Kherad Art School, from July 2017 until July 2022, Tehran


(2009) Chosen in young Iranian artists exhibition. London
(2008) Chosen in Damoonfar visual art festival. Tehran
(2008) Chosen in Youth art festival. Tehran

Joint project

(2009) Silk road gallery. Tehran

Solo Exhibition

(2022) Inja gallery. Tehran
(2020) Etemad gallery. Tehran
(2016) Naranj gallery. Shiraz
(2015) Azad art gallery. Unstable. Tehran
(2014) Azad art gallery. The closed scope. Tehran
(2008) Atbin gallery. Tehran

Group Exhibition

(2020) Etemad gallery “on paper”. Tehran
(2019) Weserkunst gallery “Iranian female artists in Berlin”, Berlin
(2019) Inja gallery, “flower, the pure paradox”, Tehran
(2018) Saulenhalle Landsberg Deutsch-Persische Begegnung in der Kunst, Munich
(2018) Affenfaust gallery Tanawo festival, Hamburg
(2018) Centre Culturel d`Iran a Paris. L`Univers Etendu des Sens, Paris
(2017) Affenfaust gallery Knotenpunkt festival, Hamburg
(2017) Azad art gallery, Tehran
(2017) Mellat gallery Trends and Approaches in contemporary Iranian art, Tehran
(2017) Aaran art gallery A few credible stories. Tehran
(2016) Homa art gallery Tehran
(2015) Dar Al Funoon gallery, Kuwait
(2015) Artlab gallery, Beirut
(2014) Rogue Space gallery. Portraits. New.York
(2014) Day art gallery. May Tehran
(2014) & (2013) Shirin gallery, Tehran
(2013) Etemad gallery, Tehran
(2012) Mellat gallery . Three generation of Iranian women artisis. Tehran
(2012) & (2010) Aun gallery, Tehran
(2010) Mellat gallery. Youth harbinger, Tehran

Art Fairs

(2017) Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(2017) Artscoops ,Beirut, Lebanon
(2010) Abu Dhabi Art Fair, UAE
(2009) Paris Contemporary Art Fair, (Millon Cornette de Saint Cyr), Paris, France


(2020) Room204artresidency, Isfahan, Iran . 21 Nov to 21 Dec
(2019) Cite international des art, Paris, France . 3 Oct to 27 Nov

By Way of Sight
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“By Way of Sight”

Every quest begins with “sight” and it is “distance” that is required to be able to see. I observe
what surrounds me, whatever stands at a distance, in search of my boundaries; where “I” ends
and another begins.
This series, entitled “By Way of Sight”, is an attempt at studying the subjectivity and objectivity of
our own existence which, aside from the presence of the painter and subjectivity in the context,
continues in the absence of figures and through objects, exploiting the veils between and exploring
the hidden facets of “I”.
The exhibited works, created between the years 2016 and 2022, are the result of a quest for our
own “being” among objects depicted in disarray.

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